Slam book ❤ 1. Hum kaha mile ______ 2. My name in your contact list _______ 3. Mujhe kya mante ho ______ 4. Mujhe m kya acha lagta h ______ 5. How many % you love me ______ 6. Do u trust me _____ 7. Give me one nick name__ 8. Can i share your answer in my status yes / no ___ 9.yaadgar lamha_____ 10.ek Dil ki bat_____ 11.ek advice_____ 12.mera phone aapke pass ho to aap kya check karoge_____ Send to your best friends and get exiting answers

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Him kaha mile
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Schl Me
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Mera phone ap ke pass ahi to kya check karoge

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