What does the girl Prakriti see in the mirror ? प्रकृति नामक लड़की दर्पण में क्या देखती है? Prakriti, an untouchable girl, falls in love with a Buddhist monk. She forces her mother to work her spells to bring the monk to their door. The mother gives her a mirror in which she can see what happens to the monk and how near he has come. After fifteen days, the girl sees in the mirror that the monk is in great agony. She cannot bear to see the monk in that state of total ruin. She sees the monk fenced with flame. "Only torment, unfathomable torment was on his face." She tells her mother. She asks her mother to stop her spells though it will cost her life to do so. On second thoughts, she asks her mother to go on with her spells as she feels that the end of the path is so near.

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